Peruvian Net against Child Pornography

The Peruvian Net against Child Pornography is a non-profit organisation that works against Child Pornography, Child Sexual Abuse, Child Smuggling and Trafficking in Persons and especially aganist Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Peru and Latin America. We are working and liaising with institutions that aim the same objectives.

lunes, 28 de abril de 2008

"Internet free of Child Pornography" Campaign

We would like to request your support for the "Internet free of Child Pornography" campaign that we have been carrying out as the Peruvian Net Against Child Pornography.

What is the aim of this Campaign?

Its aim is to fight this problem, sensitise the user (children, teenagers and adults), prevent the crime and fight against the paedophiles and pederast nets.

Why do we continue with this Campaign on Internet?

You have maybe heard about us or about the campaign before, however, we all must bear in mind that a problem like child pornography, which has reached an unimaginable dimension worldwide, must be fought daily in every place and by everyone. There are approximately 500 new websites everyday that promote, publish, commercialise and exchange child pornographic material. Currently there are in average more than 5 million websites that commercialise, promote or exchange child pornography. 40% of these sites are free of charge and of easy access. In these websites boys, girls and teenagers are used, robbed all illusion and hope and raped.

Why you must be part of?

To be indifferent to that makes you part of the problem. That is why we bother you again to seek for your support to this campaign. Please consider that the Peruvian Net Against Child Pornography is promoting this fight with no material or financial resources, except for our own outrage for such brutality, as well as for the wish to make the Internet a safer space for everyone, especially for our children.

What do you must to do?

Dear friends, we are just asking you to promote this campaign from your spaces and possibilities, to make it yours, to spread the word, to discuss it with friends, colleagues, family and accessible fora, etc. And if you are a webmaster, you can paste the banner’s campaign on your website. That is of vital importance, as the campaign is based on a conscious and involved society, where debate and information are key elements.
Do not turn your back to children who are victims of the most inhuman sexual violence. Remember that the child who suffers and needs our assistance today could be, let´s hope not, a beloved relative or friend of ours tomorrow.
Nothing that we do will erase the hurts that the paedophile and pederast rapists have caused in their victims; however, we are sure that it will stop many boys and girls who smile today to lose that smile.

Important note

Dear friends, We would like to thank you in advance on behalf of the Peruvian Net Against Child Pornography and the victims of such a horrible crime for any help, even the minimal support you can offer, and we commit ourselves to continue working, regardless of the political, social, educational or economic position we have, together to successfully face this enemy, so coward as malicious.

Where can you get the banners' Campaign?

You can get them on the right side of this page. There are three models; choose one of them and copy the codes in your web page. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail to: